Week ending 20th July 2013 (Vets)


Dave Collins must be well and truly over his recent buggy issues.

Last week playing off 19 and in B-grade, Dave scored

40 points for a win.  The handicapper was unsuccessful, as this week Dave was on 18, and in A-grade, and posted another credible 40 points for his 2nd win in a row.

Slow play is in the news again.  At one stage during our Wednesday game we had 4 groups on the 4th hole.  One has to wonder how this could occur.

I would like to remind all players to keep an eye on the group in front. If you are falling a hole or two behind there is obviously a problem.

If your group is responsible for slowing up the field it is common courtesy to let other groups through.

During the recent wet weather we have experienced abnormal ground conditions.  It is worth knowing that if your ball is lost in “abnormal ground conditions” and you are certain that the ball is in the abnormal ground condition you are able to take a drop without penalty, Rule 25 C on page 96 of the rule book.   Keep an eye on our board for this to be included in the local rules of play on the day.


Event:               Stableford

Field:                67

Thanks go to our prize donor – John Butler.  John is recovering from major surgery and won’t be swinging a golf club for a while but made an effort to come in to the club to present the prizes which is appreciated.

A Grade Winner: Dave Collins 40, Runner Up: Bob Noble 38

B Grade Winner: Ossie Osborne 41, Runner Up: John Kelly 39 c/b

C Grade Winner: John Tomlins 40, Runner Up: Terry Wilson 39

Run Down (all in):

Rod Roemermann 39, Derek Clayton 37, Con Russell 37, Alan Amery 37, Don Clelland 36, John McNamara 36, Brian McMillan 36, Les Arthur 35, Graham Laing 35, John Stewart 35, Jon Sendall 34, Errol Radley 34, Ken Morgan 34, Dave Chapman 34, Kerry Martin 34.

Bradman Award: John Dangar

NTP: 4thBrian McMillan, 6th Dave Chapman, 7th Ken Morgan, 10th Ray Hand, 12th John Kelly, 13th Dave Chapman, 15th Dave Collins.

Captains Choice

4 points or more on 3rd: Kevin Tonkin, John Kelly, John O’Donoghue, Steve Howes.


Ron Blount, Lionel Willett, Mike Smith, Don Clelland.


The previous rained off visit to Mt Coolum has been rescheduled to 5th August 20138:30 am shot gun start.

Nominations close on the 27th July 2013.   A nomination sheet is in the club house.

NOTE:  If you want a cart you need to book one beforehand through the Pro Shop on 54463125.


Given the current uncertain weather the deadline for completing Round 1 has been extended from 24th July 2013 to 31st July 2013.  Hopefully we will get a run of good weather between now and then.


We welcome new member Bruce Cowan, currently waiting to be re-handicapped after an absence from the game.

Bruce survived his first round of golf with Cooroy Vets playing with our former President, Kevin Olsen and prolific winner, Errol Radley so he should be able to handle any eventuality in future.  No doubt the fact Kevin and Errol are the current Pairs Match Play Champions slipped into the conversation somewhere during the day.


Bill and Jan Galvin on the 10th Ladies Tee at Longreach.

Looks like they need some of our rain!