Week Ending 13th July 2013 (Vets)


If you didn’t notice Ken Morgan at our Host Day on Monday, you weren’t there.

Ken’s outfit certainly was bright.  One comment that I did overhear was, “that the only thing louder than Ken’s outfit, is his voice”. And “no” Ken I won’t tell you who said it.

Anyway Ken I thought your outfit was great, just a word of warning though, “don’t allow Lynn to leave them out on the washing line for too long, as the harsh Qld. sun will fade them”.

It was a disappointing turn up by Tewantin/Noosa (11 players) but this will not occur next year as I have organized them to visit us along with Headland.  It turned out to be a good day though, as close to 50 of our own players turned up.

The numbers that turned up for the Working Bee on Tuesday 9th of July were a bit disappointing, but the ones that did show up were quality plus.

Approximately 15 trailer loads of debris and sticks were cleaned up from various creeks, and along the 1st, 16th, and 18th fairways.

The weather was not as kind as it could have been on Wednesday but we still managed 65 starters from the original field of 81.  Congratulations to the 16 players who have qualified for the single match play.

After a few recent complaints regarding Slow Play I would like to remind all players to keep an eye on the group in front.  If you are falling a hole or two behind there is obviously a problem.


Event: Stableford

Prize Donor: Cooroy Veterans’ Golf Club

Field: 58

Cooroy filled all the podium positions with the winners all posting scores above 40.  Graham Laing, Terry Lyons and Jimmy Henderson proved that being on the committee isn’t too much of a handicap by taking out runner up in their respective grades.   Graham and Terry also snared NTP’s.

A Grade Winner: Errol Radley 43, Runner Up: Graham Laing 39

B Grade Winner: Bill Edwards 42, Runner Up: Terry Lyons 40

C Grade Winner: Denis Beckhaus 41, Runner Up: Jim Henderson 36

Run Down (all in):

Mike Fitchett (TN) 39, Jim Prendergast 38, Ken McKay 38, John Kelly 38, John McNamara 38, Brain Flynn 37, Jim Penman 37, Ken Morgan 37, Grant Smallacombe 36, Bruce Wilshire 36.

NTP: 4thGraham Laing, 6th Mike Fitchett, 7th Bob Noble, 10th Terry Lyons, 12th Dave Walder, 15th Don Clelland.

Captains Choice

Card Draw: Ron Harris (TN), Dave Collins, Ed Dodd (TN), Ron Blount, Harry Roberts (TN).


Kevin Tonkin, John Kelly, John Stewart, Kevin Crundall, Mike Miklenda.


Event: Stableford

Field: 58

Thank you to our prize donors – Col Easton, John Stewart and Kevin Crundall.

A cold, wet and for some of us, very miserable day was somewhat brightened by the sartorially resplendent Ken Morgan, this time in the form of an elegant chameleon.

Rumour has it his playing partners were somewhat distracted claiming Ken had undue advantage and sought relief from ‘an abnormal bright spot on a wet, overcast course’  but couldn’t find the appropriate etiquette rule, although use of unusual equipment seemed relevant.

Errol Radley continued his good form from Monday to take out A Grade and Col Easton posted a very impressive 44 points in testing conditions to take the C Grade podium.

A Grade Winner: Errol Radley 40, Runner Up: Jon Sendall 38

B Grade Winner: Dave Collins 40, Runner Up: Grant Smallacombe 39

C Grade Winner: Col Easton 44, Runner Up: Terry Hymas: 37

Run Down (all in):

Alex Kologaras 38, Les Arthur 38, Paddy Knapp 37, Ozzie Osborne 37, Don Clelland 37, Ron Blount 36, Brian McMillan 36, Rob Nash 36, Peter Piggott 36, Ken Morgan 36, Ian McMullen 35, Bruce McLean 35, John Kelly 35.

NTP: 4thA Skinner, 6th Hasse Andersson, 7th Errol Radley, 10th Ozzie Osborne, 12th Bruce McLean, 13th Ken Morgan, 15th Kevin Olsen.

Captains Choice

Best 1st Nine: Rob Nash 22.


Jon Sendall, Tony Foster, Bruce Wilshire, Dave Collins.


The qualifiers and draw for this event were decided on Wednesday:

1- Col Easton (31) v 16 – Kevin Olsen (15), 8 – Bruce McLean (19) v 9 – Ian McMullen (23), 4 – Grant Smallacombe (21) v 13 – Terry Lyons (20), 5 – Graeme Osborne (20) v 12 – Tony Foster (20), 2 – Dave Collins (19) v 15 – Bob Noble (11), 7 – Ron Blount (22) v 10 – John Kelly (22), 3 – Errol Radley (17) v 14 – Graham Laing (16), 6 – Ken Morgan (12) v 11 John Stewart (16).

The above matches must be completed on or before 24th JULY 2013.

The rules for this annual event are:

  • A player’s handicap at the beginning of the qualifying round applies and does not alter for the duration of the competition.
  • The number of strokes given is the full handicap difference. The lowest marker concedes strokes to the other.
  • The match is completed when one player is ahead after the stipulated number of holes or is more holes up than the number of holes remaining to be played.


Welcome to new member Ian Hall.

Ordinary membership has now reached 123 with 19 new members so far this year – an excellent position.


Glen Johnstone watches as Jim Gregg tees off between Birdsville and Bedourie.

Preferred lie assumed!

Have we discovered the ruins of the once “Royal Diamontina Golf Clubhouse “????

Looks like the weather is similar to Cooroy!

This is a photo of Royal Samoa Golf Club taken by Don Clelland during his recent holiday.

Don is heading back to Samoa shortly to play the course and will, of course, send back photos to prove it.