Vets – NEWSLETTER week ending 29th March 2014


Don’t forget our sausage sizzle next week at the conclusion of our Monthly Medal.

The sausage sizzle part of the day is open to past members and current members on the injured or sick list so if there is someone you think should be invited let Rod know.


The rain had to come sooner or later and unfortunately it caused us to cancel Wednesday’s “2 Man Ambrose”. As it normally does when you cancel a competition, it seemed to fine up around 9.00 am for a few hours.  I still believe the correct decision was made as there is always next week.

RESHEDULED: In light of the above cancellation we have rescheduled this event for the 9th April 2014.

HOST DAY: A reminder for all those playing on Monday 31st March at Peregian Springs, it is an 8.30 am Shotgun Start.

Next Wednesday is our John Madill Monthly Medal.  For those of you who would like a warm up you are free to join us at the green keeper’s shed for a WORKING BEE” on Tuesday the 1st April at 7.30 am. Light duties only.

DAMAGE TO THE HOLE: Players using those devices on the end of their putters to retrieve their ball from the hole are causing damage to the edge of the hole. If you can tee it up 18 times per round perhaps you can also remove it 18 times from the hole. If this is not possible use the device carefully and have a bit of respect for the great job our green staff do on our course. If you see someone causing damage, let them know.


Following a review of our financial position and budget forecast for 2014 the committee is pleased to announce that, effective from 2nd April 2014, prize levels for our Wednesday Competition will be increased as follows:

Winner:           Increased to $40.00 from $30.00.
Runner Up:    Increased to $20.00 from $15.00

All other Wednesday prizes will remain unaltered.

We have made a good start to the year as the following field size statistics show after 10 Wednesday competitions.

2014   average field – 77 (771 rounds)
average field – 70 (704 rounds)
2012   average field – 65 (647 rounds)

Our current participation rate is exceptionally good at ~65% with 2014 male membership approaching 120.   Thank you to members for your playing support and contribution to our success.

Field sizes tend to start the year high, taper down during winter and then rise again towards the end of the year.    The weather is always an unknown but we are confident 2014 will be another good year overall.

This good start to the year has had a positive impact on our financials.  As a matter of practice we financially manage our Wednesday competition on a whole year program basis supported by funding models that show the financial outcome for a range of field sizes above and below breakeven for each competition type.   At times it may be prudent to manage the level of loss for fields below breakeven by adjusting prizes and raffle on the day.

We have also made a positive start to the year for our Host Day program with field numbers for the 2 home Host Days played to date slightly higher than expected.


As you know there have been negative comments about the current Score Cards.  Following discussion with Wayne on Wednesday we have come up with an idea (that’s what happens when you sit around in the club house chatting unable to play golf) for the Vets to run a raffle to raise money to contribute to printing of a new better designed Score Card.

The raffle will start on our sausage sizzle day next Wednesday – more details then.