VETS: Hosting Maroochy River Vets on 19/10/2020 – Tee Times

Set out below are the Tee Times and arrangements for hosting MAROOCHY RIVER Vets on Monday, 19th October 2020.

  • Please register 30 minutes before your tee time.
  • Coffee, sponsored by Cooroy Vets, will be available from the bar.
  • There will be no NTP’s.
  • There will be an extended rundown.
  • Wayne’s special sandwiches will be on sale.
  • click for Local Rules as applicable for CGC on the day of the event.

Please observe the following COVID-SAFE practices:

  • Players are to mark their own card. Only the player’s signature is required, however your correct score must also appear as Player 2 on another player’s card.
  • Pool noodles are in place on each flagstick to make it easier to remove the ball from the hole.
  • Players may remove the flagstick when putting, however CGC recommends that this not be done. Players should not expect another player to remove the flagstick for them.
  • Rakes are available in the bunkers but CGC recommends they not be used. There is a one-card-length preferred lie in all bunkers.
  • Ball-washers are not in use.
  • Sand buckets are not in use. Members are encouraged to bring their own.
  • Taps are available to fill water bottles but the fountains are unavailable.
  • Handshaking at the end of a round is discouraged.