NEWSLETTER week ending 23rd November 2013 (Vets)


Monday saw a visit from our Invitation team Woodford, close to 20 visitors made the trip up. Unfortunately for our Women their 2 nominated Ladies decided not to come at the last moment.

Kevin (bag of wheat) Olsen won in A Grade with 39 points, Jim Gregg in B Grade with 41 points, Vic McCullough (Woodford) won C Grade with 37 points, and Sonja Cordwell with 35 points won the Ladies div on a c/b.  A good day was had by all.

Wednesday attracted an excellent field of 79 players, and it was great from my point of view to see Kerry Martin bounce back after last week’s disqualification.  His 39 points took out the A Grade honors on a count back from the inform Errol Radley.

Nice to see John Kelly getting his bearings right this week. For those who didn’t know John turned up nice and early as he usually does at Cooroy last Wednesday.  He paid his entry fee and made himself very comfortable at his favorite table awaiting Kevin Crundalls’ arrival.  It was only when starter “Jim Henderson” noticed John’s name was not on the sheet that we realized that John was supposed to be at Tewantin/Noosa.  Being so early, John had plenty of time to collect his refund and join Kevin at the correct venue.

I had a very entertaining game with one of our characters in Con Russell.   At some time during Con’s life he learnt to swear a lot. When I chipped him about it, he replied “you must have come from a very uneducated family if you haven’t heard those words before”. 

Con (left in photo) showing the style that once enabled him to be ranked in the top 3 Australian boxers in Featherweight, Junior Lightweight, and Lightweight divisions all at the same time.  If you want Con to tell you about his boxing, just mention his fight at Festival Hall, Brisbane in 1969 against Noel Kunde.


The Vets funded projects are under way.

You might have noticed some yellow marks on the 17th fairway in front of the Ladies Tee in preparation for the new drainage work which starts early next week, weather permitting.

Work on the new cart path to the right of the 9th green is also expected to commence next week.

You can check out Kirsty’s latest updates From The Shed on projects and the course on the Notice Board on the website.


Event: Stableford

Prizes: Cooroy Vets

A Grade Winner: Kevin Olsen 39, Runner Up: Les Arthur 38

B Grade Winner: Jim Gregg 41, Runner Up: Grant Smallacombe 36

C Grade Winner: Victor McCullough (W) 37, Runner Up: Len Highland 33

Women Winner: Sonja Cordwell 35

Run Down to 34: Kevin Tonkin, Col Bain (W), Col Wilson (W), Phil Botting, John Stephens (W), Col Duncombe (W), Ron Blount, Brian Flynn, Rod Roemermann, Derek Clayton, Jim Prendergast, Don Clelland, John Kelly, Joyce McKay(W).

NTP (M): 4th Con Russell, 7th Kevin Tonkin, 10th Jim Henderson, 12th Jim Prendergast, 15th Col Bain (W).

NTP (W): 4th Muriel Willett, 12th Joyce McKay.

Raffle: Jim Henderson, C Priestley (W), Muriel Willett, Noel Green (W).


Event: Stableford

Prizes: Cooroy Vets

Field: 79

John O’Donoghue hit a ‘cracker’ of a drive on the 11th to finish 10 meters from the green – unfortunately it was the 10th green – his ball had taken a severe ricochet off a steel fence post.   John took it in his stride however and went on to post a very good 41 points.

Another good effort by Errol Radley saw him move to a 2 shot handicap buffer over playing partner Kevin Olsen.  That bag of wheat is looking good although Kevin reckons the drought has affected crops making it very hard for him to pay up on the bet – it might have to be a thimble of bird seed.

A Grade Winner: Kerry Martin 39, Runner Up: Errol Radley 39

B Grade Winner: Rod Roemermann 44, Runner Up: Stuart Wright 44

C Grade Winner: Don Pigdon 41, Runner Up: John Milligan 41

Run Down to 36: John O’Donoghue, Derek Clayton, Terry Harrison, Ian McMullen, Ron Blount, Rob Nash, Bruce Wilshire, Peter Piggott, John Stewart, Don Clelland, Dennis Guion, John Kelly, Les Arthur, John Round, Phil Mason, Tom Williams.

NTP: 4th Brian McLoughlin, 6th Brian McLoughlin, 7th Andrew Dick, 10th Allan Emery, 12th Don Clelland, 13th Tony Kershaw.

Captain’s Choice: 2nd shot – 9th – John Stewart.

Raffle: John Round, Phil Mason, Hasse Andersson, Jim Penman.