From The Shed – Course Update as at 20th November 2013

Summer’s nearly here!

Well we made it through a fairly dry spring without too much grass loss.  We did have to pump water from the dam on 9 for a brief period of time and irrigation was down to a minimum however thanks to 100mm of rain in the past week the creek is back up again and water is flowing from the top dam to the bottom dam again.

The greens are in tip top shape and many positive comments are coming through from members and visitors alike. To maintain our greens in this condition, extra grooming/dethatching will be required. This will be a very light groom every couple of weeks and will not disrupt play or the quality of surface at all.   Please be patient and understand it is the only way to maintain our greens at this level.

Currently we have a drainage block on the 18th fairway, this will be taken care of as quickly as possible before more rain comes and discussions in the future will look at how we can prevent this from happening again. The water at the end of the drain is very deep, please do not go too close as it is a very sudden drop off.

Thanks to the rain the fairways have gained a little more grass, it is a perfect time to get out and play some rounds.  Bring your friends and family and get out and enjoy the course!

Kirsty Herring – Course Superintendent