MEN: Pennant

So good to see everyone at Headlands early and practising.  As we are now working off v2 Timetable there should be no confusion.

It was a good day at Headland!

Mark Bright, ably helped by our All Ability caddie Donna, fought hard, giving 6 shots away to go down by two on the 18th, great effort Mark.

Shanker Scanlon, after the warm up and giving away 5 shots, and with the help of Peter Jeucken, came back with a great square up. Thanks, Peter and Mark.

Peter Kennedy also ably assisted by young Matty (all abilities caddy programme ) also giving shots, came in two down, next week Peter.

Peter Fryer is a virgin no more.  Thanks to Tony Bernhagen for your efforts and well-done Peter 2/1 up.

Peter Buchbach held it together for a 2/1 win also, as he should after his little holiday, well done Peter.

Big Ray was unlucky to go down 1 up on the 18th, but was strong at it all day, special thanks to Ray on his verbal skills.

Jeff McDonald who had to carry the ‘laziest caddy’ all day finally broke thru on the 17th and held it on the 18th for a 1 up win.

It’s pleasing to see the team starting to work, we have limited caddies.  If you can or need a caddy lets bring them along, more the merrier.

Next week at Caloundra for a 7.00 am hit off.

Mark Bright
Shane Scanlon
Peter Kennedy
Peter Fryer
Peter Buchbach
Peter Jeucken
Jeff (Peter) Mcdonald

With reserves being Geoff Linde, Ray Nolan, Tony Bernhagen, Andy Stewart, Graham Finn

Please let us know of any problems.

Book carts if required etc.

See you all Saturday