MEN (Saturday): Results for 4th March 2017

EVENT DATE:04/03/2017
GAME TYPE:Monthly Medal
WINNER – A GradeCyril Trist
WINNER – B GradeJohn Stewart
WINNER – C GradeChris Nielsen
WINNER – D GradeMark Woolway
RUNNER UP – A GradePhil Giblett 77/68 o/cb
RUNNER UP – B GradeTony Gordon 79/66 o/cb
RUNNER UP – C GradeRod Roemermann 91/70 o/cb
RUNNER UP – D GradeTony Kershaw 99/72
PLAYERS in Rundown:G Linde 66, B Clemow 67, G Leatherbarrow 68, G Giblett 68, K Brittain 67, G Dayman 68, P Mullins 68, D Wippell 68,
NTP – 4th Hole (Acktion Fire Alarms)K Hamilton
NTP – 6th HoleC Trist
NTP – 7th Hole (Coopers Brewery)C Trist
NTP – 10th HoleK Brittain
NTP – 12th Hole (Cooroy Hotel)B Jesberg
NTP – 15th Hole SUPER-PIND Wippell $45
RAFFLE WINNERS:Mark Woolway, Tony Foster, Darrin Uren
GAME DAY WRAPGreat turn out, with renovated greens, putting was a challenge.

Next week we have the day sponsored by The Feature Group, Golden Egg Saturday.

Mixed Foursomes Championship 9th September 2017, sponsored by Grathan Leatherbarrow.  Organise your partner soon.