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Hole by Hole Guide

The Cooroy Golf Course layout is not a conventional 9 + 9.  We like to say we are a little different – you play all the way out and then play all the way back in, a bit like St Andrews.





Distance marker posts are placed to the side on each fairway.

Red      200m
Blue     150m

All distances are to the centre of the green and subject to adjustment.

Read on for a description of Holes 1 to 9.

HOLE 1 – Par 4


Blue 267, White 266, Red 266

A short downhill Par 4 to start your round, this dogleg left has its’ tricks. An easy Par or a hard double with out of bounds on left all the way to the green and trees on right.

Long hitters can try for the green but most players should aim to hit their drive right centre of the fairway to give a clear view of the green for the second shot.  The left corner of the dog-leg is guarded by a large, wide group of trees which can influence the second shot if you leave your drive short.

Medium green with moderate surface contours and drop off to right and rear making for a difficult recovery shot.


 HOLE 2 – Par 4


Blue 358, White 353, Red 353

Moderately tight tree lined fairway with a water hazard on left starting about 110m out from the green.  Best advice is to keep it on the fairway and avoid the need to hit out of the trees.

A swale immediately in front of green gives the visual impression the approach is shorter than it actually is.  A grass mound short of the swale on the right protects the approach to the green.

Medium green with moderate surface contours.


HOLE 3 – Par 4


Blue 347, White 334, Red 270

Dogleg left with the fairway sloping severely left into trees hiding a water hazard all the way to the green. There is water immediately in front of the tee.

Best line off tee is high side of sloping fairway to generous landing area.  Anything left will almost certainly restrict line of sight and approach to a green nestled in the natural meandering creek line.

Elevated approach to large green with moderate surface contour with back and right side falling away steeply to creek.

HOLE 4 – Par 3


Blue 176, White 164, Red 160

Flat tree lined fairway with a meandering creek on right all the way to green and out of bounds right rear.

Best line off the tee is down the middle avoiding overhanging trees on both sides of the fairway.

Bunkers left, right and rear protect a medium size green with moderate contour sloping left to right and back to front.




HOLE 5 – Par 4

Blue 332, White 326, Red 292

Dogleg right tree lined fairway with generous landing area sloping up to the green from elbow of dogleg.  Out of bounds to left of the tee with a water hazard immediately in front and to right.

Best line is left of centre with a fade.  Big hitters should take care if hitting straight as trees on left will come into play.  Anything right will find trees.

A bunker sits immediately to the right of the green with a large bailout area left of the green.

The green has medium surface contours and sloping left to right.



HOLE 6 – Par 3

Blue 173, White 160, Red 155

Elevated tee to a generous size green with severe surface contours sloping back to front and left to right. 

Stray too far left or right across the water hazard dissecting fairway at mid point and you will find trees. 

The fairway slopes gently up to green from the water hazard.






HOLE 7 – Par 3

Blue 166, White 155, Red 135

Up hill fairway with water hazard in front of tee. Overhanging tree branches left and right at water hazard can make it difficult to attack the pin.  Pin placement determines best line to green.

Large tiered green nestled into the hillside and protected by grassed mound in front.

The green has severe surface contour sloping from back right to front left.




HOLE 8 – Par 4

Blue 269, White 261, Red 266

Short tree lined par 4 downhill to raised green sloping away from tee,

Long drive with short iron approach avoiding downhill speed on green.

Out of bounds to right of green with large clump of dense trees at rear.








HOLE 9 – Par 4

Blue 307, White 297, Red 276

Dog leg left across corner of dam with trees on right and two large dams on left.   Aim to land drive on right centre of fairway.

Large raised green with medium surface contours sloping back to front so favour centre approach.  

Stray too far left or right with shot into green and you might find water.






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