FROM THE SHED – Course News May 215

The course is looking good.

Autumn is a nice time on the Golf Course with good amounts of rain falling lately.  We have had 217mm or 8.54 inches of rain the last month. This rain has kept the fairways ticking over nicely.  The colder overnight temperatures have slowed the growth of the greens.

As the angle of the sun drops, shade from the trees on some greens can greatly slow the growth of grass on worn patches.

I have put out a granular organic fertiliser with the walk behind spreader.  Also liquid fertilisers and a wetting agent have been applied to the greens.   Also all the Tees have had a application of granular fertiliser this month.   A Winter grass Pre-Emergent herbicide has been spray and watered into all greens.

We have installed a new set of bed knives to the LF3800 Fairway mower (The bottom blade the reels cut too) this has improved the quality of cut to the fairways.

New bunker sand has arrived and in the near future we hope to top up the sand in the bunkers.

We have a High School StudentBrayden, from year 11 doing one and a half hours a week on Tuesday afternoons for work experience.

A reminder to please fill divots on Tees as lately this seems to be forgotten by some golfers – a big thanks to those that do fill their divots.  Also please avoid driving through wet areas in motorised carts as this forms a depression where water will sit for a longer period.

Paul Dawson – Course Superintendent