WOMEN (Tuesday Club) – Results from 19th May 2015

Another great turnout with 25 women playing today.  Our numbers are really improving and I daresay that when Pennants are finished they will improve even more.

The weather was a bit ordinary to start with but improved to be a beautiful morning.  This is a fun game as no one knows which five holes will be picked, so it is a bit like a lucky dip.

Next week will be a big day as it is our Oncology Fundraiser day.

Event: Stableford ( Secret Five) – Back Nine.

Winner: Brenda Krop 12.

Runner Up: Maria Taurer 11 (c/b).

Run Down: Margie Lucas 11 (c/b), Carole Clancy 11 (c/b), Sonja Cordwell 10(c/b), Leith Barr 10(c/b), Susie Thompson 10(c/b).

Approaches: Maria Taurer, Susie Thompson.

Gobblers: Carmel Clark, Colleen Sykes.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co-Ordinator.