VETS (Wednesday): Results for 21/2/2024

POST TITLEVETS (Wednesday): Results for 21/2/2024
EVENT DATE:21/02/2024
EVENTStableford Team Event
GAME TYPE:Best 2 of 4
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Dee-Gees’ (Graham Laing & Dave Chapman)
WINNERSPeter Brown, Mark Kelly, Richard Gibson, Tony Watson 93
2nd PLACETony Bernhagen, Doug Pearce, Tony Bancroft, Gavin Slater 86
3rd PLACEJohn Hawkins, Ray Cao, Craig Jacobsen, Eric Kenszler 83
NTP – 1st HoleA – Mark Kelly, B – Graham Laing
NTP – 3rd HolePaul Korczynski
NTP – 4th HoleMark Kelly
NTP – 6th HolePeter Palmer
NTP – 7th HoleJoe Daniels
NTP – 10th HolePeter Brown
NTP – 12th HolePeter Palmer
NTP – 13th HoleJack Ruig
NTP – 15th HoleDon Clelland

NTP 8th (Angove Wines): Tony Bancroft

Next Wednesday is the March Monthly Medal.

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