Women’s Christmas Lunch and Presentations

Another golfing year is over.  The Christmas Lunch and Presentations held on 13 December for the women at Cooroy Golf Club proved to be a very relaxed, entertaining day.

Click here for the 2012 Awards.  And check out the Gallery for some memorable photos.

Wendy Morse and Mary Miller presented the Tuesday group with their trophies, while outgoing Women’s Golf Director, Heather Johanson, presented the clever Thursday winners with theirs.

Following this, Pam from Kabara came to collect the presents the women had donated for the residents.

As Heather was having an important birthday the following day, she was presented with a birthday fairy cake, and an orchid for having taken care of us so well over the last year.

The meal presented by Rae was absolutely delicious, and there was more than enough to go around.  Some women were asking Rae when she was going to publish a cookery book!

Thanks to Carole for organizing the entertainment.  Jan really suited the part of Cinderella.  God and St Francis were beautifully played by Juanita and Wendy.  The question asked was why do we do all in our power to make grass grow so we can cut it down and pay to have it carted away???

Marliesya and Yvonne led us in singing Jingle Bells – Australian style.  Loved your costume, Marliesya.  The day was finished off with the game of Secret Santa.  Thanks to Patsy and Juanita for organizing this.

We needed some exercise after our meal and we achieved this by running around stealing presents from each other.

The women will be having competitions every Saturday throughout the Christmas break and we will return to week-day competitions in the first week of February 2013.