WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 26th April 2016

Event: Stableford – Front 9.

Winner: Leith Barr 20

Runner-Up: Eve Hunt 19.

Rundown: Judy Kitcher 16 c/b, Karen Eddy 16 c/b, Sandy Viney 15.

Approaches: 0-15 Eve Hunt, Colleen Sykes…in the hole. 16-23 Chris Michael, Mary Miller, Leith Barr…in the hole.

Gobbler: Yvonne Healey.

Only a small field again but everyone appeared to really enjoy the conditions and the golf.  The pin shots today were quite generous as can be seen by the results, so perhaps we need to be a bit tougher on that in the future.

On a further note , if you are reading this report the club is missing several white tablecloths and as one is a much treasured heirloom if you have accidentally taken them home to launder and have not remembered to return them could you please do so.  In addition if you know anything about their whereabouts could you please contact me on 0421391270…..many thanks.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co-Ordinator.