WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 12th July 2016

Event: Stableford – Front 9.

Winner: Juanita Langford 22 (c/b).

Runner-Up: Leith Barr 22 (c/b).

Run Down: Karen Eddy 22 (c/b), Eve Hunt 21, Sandy Viney 20, On 19 (c/b), Colleen Sykes 19 (c/b).

Approaches: 0-15 Maria Taurer. 16-23 Maz Hawkins.

Gobblers: Eve Hunt, Colleen Sykes.

Tuesday was probably the best weather conditions that we have had for the entire year and the numbers (23 players) attested to that.  Some really good scores came in so there were plenty of happy faces in the clubhouse later.  It was good to see Maria back in action and with some good results.  It is also interesting to see that the good scores on Tuesday are beginning to show results in handicaps for Thursday…well done Eve and Leith.

Next week is a Stableford event on the front nine.

Juanita Langford
Tuesday Co Ordinator