WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 30th June 2016

Event: Stroke – Iris Scanlan Memorial – Trophy – Scanlan Family

Winner – S. Sendall (68)

Runner up – C. Clark (69) c/b

Rundown – T. Cairns(69), L. Blackmore (72), M. Willett(73), J. McKay(74), F. Wiggins(75), P. Fayne(75), J. Langford (75), J. Kitcher (76), S. Piggott(76), W. O’Hare (77), L. Taylor (78)

Approaches – L. Taylor, L. Blackmore, S. Sendall

Longest Putt – P. Fayne

Congratulations to – S. Sendall, C. Clark, T. Cairns, L. Blackmore, J. McKay, J. Langford, W. O’Hare and L. Taylor – qualifiers for the Single Match Play competition.

What a pleasure and honour to have Shane Scanlan join us on Thursday for a round of golf and trophy presentation.  Many thanks to the Scanlan family for making it such a wonderful day.

Wendy O’Hare
Women’s Golf Director