WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 22nd June 2017

EVENT:  3-Person Ambrose.

TROPHY:  Club.

WINNERS:  Doone Flanagan, Lee Williams, Shay Zulpo (60.4 c/b).

RUNNERS-UP:  Freda Bull, Leith Barr, Weang Brown (60.4).                                                        

RUNDOWN:  Lynne Dawson, Lynne Becker, Eve Hunt (61), Carole Clancy, Sue Piggott, Rose Simmons (61.2), Mary Miller, Terri Cairns, Sue Austenberg (61.9), Juliet Hall, Chris Michael, Jan Galvin (63.3).

PIN SHOTS:  Leith Barr, Anita Highland.

The Thursday women invited the women from the Tuesday Club to play 18-holes.  The day was enjoyed by all.  For some it was an eye-opener as they had never played the more difficult back holes. We look forward to seeing more of the Tuesday group progressing to Thursdays.