Week ending 25th May 2013 (Vets)


Along with 22 from Peregian Springs 19 Cooroy players joined 31 Nambour veteran golfers and 4 visitors for the Host Day at Nambour.

A very lean day for Cooroy as far as prizes went. The course was in good condition so it’s not clear what went wrong.

Mike Smith was the best of our players with a very creditable 38 points.

The winning score was 39 points, but as a couple of players had 39, the best Mike could do was a ball in the run down. The run down went to 34 points, so Mike was our only success as far as golf was concerned.

Jim Gregg won a six pack in the raffle.

Mike Smith (38), John Tomlins (33), Jim Henderson (32), John Stewart (31), Bob Loudon (31), Glen Johnstone (31), Bruce Wilshire (31), John Round (31), Bob Noble (30), Kevin Crundall (30), John Kelly (29), Ron Blount (29), Grant Smallacombe (28), Dave Collins (26), Paddy Knapp (25), Jim Gregg (25), Jon Sendall (24), Col Easton (22), Geoff Kerr (17).

The organisation and effort involved in running a host day event is quite significant.   It is made even more difficult if a player nominates and then doesn’t attend, particularly without notifying anyone.  It is the responsibility of the individual player to make every effort to notify our Captain (or one of our officials), or the Host Club or Host Club Pro Shop if they cannot attend.

Nambour quite rightly expressed displeasure that one of our players nominated and then didn’t show without notifying anyone.

RESULTS FROM 22nd MAY 2013 (Wednesday)

The winners, runners up and NTP for Wednesdays Stableford event were sponsored by Len Highland – thanks Len.  Len is heading into hospital shortly for some reconstruction work – we hope to see him back shooting a few golf’s’ soon.


Winners:  A Ray Lally 38, B – Don Clelland 40, C – Dave Chapman 36 c/b

Runners Up:  A – Bruce Wilshire 37, B – Ron Bourne 38, C – John Round 36

Run Down (all in):  Tony Foster 36, John Cairns 36, Dave Collins 36, Paddy Knapp 36, Alan Emery 35, Jim Henderson 35, Bill Edwards 34, Tony Kershaw 34, Brian McMillan 34, Dave Beattie 34, Jim Penman 34, John Butler 34.

NTP:  4th Dave Chapman, 6th Brian McMillan, 7th Kerry Martin, 10th Jim Prendergast, 12th Ron Bourne, 13th Kerry Martin.

As a result of securing the Host Day NTP logo ball sponsorship by smallPRINT we are now able to increase the prize for NTP winners on Wednesday to 3 balls.

Captains Choice
Points – 2nd 9:
Jim Penman (21)


Jim Penman, Jim Henderson, Brian McMillan


Grant Smallacombe, Captain

It now appears Dave Collins hasn’t fully reconciled with his golf buggy after last weeks’ water incident.

Dave was in the club house registering on Wednesday when Ron Blount ran in ranting that he had just seen a runaway motorised buggy heading across the practice putting green. We all thought that Ron (aka Ronnie Biggs and has form with water incidents) was winding Dave up for his recent experience.   Not so, it now seems Dave’s buggy has a mind of its own.  Lucky this time Dave managed to catch the culprit before it found its way into any water.  The lesson – if you happen to be standing anywhere near Dave’s buggy keep a wary eye on it.

If you haven’t had any luck winning any competitions lately, the good news is that “Black Caviar”, Dave Walder, is away on holidays.  Now could be your best chance.

On Monday the 3rd of June we host two of our closest neighbors in Peregian Springs and Nambour. If you haven’t already done so I urge you to nominate as this is an ideal opportunity to show off what a great Veterans Golf Club we have.

The Cooroy team headed to Pelican Waters yesterday (well almost all did) for the Sunshine Coast District Veteran Golfers Association Team Challenge event. Unfortunately Jimmy Henderson had a seniors moment when he got his P’s mixed up and headed to Peregian Springs instead and couldn’t make it to Pelican Waters on time.  After many “complimentary” comments about Jim’s heritage (he’s from Ireland you know or is it Barcelona!) we had to call on our 1st reserve Terry Hymas to take his place.

In the end it didn’t matter as I believe if Tiger Woods had turned out for Cooroy, he could not have helped us. We finished last with a total of 155 points for our best 6 players. The good thing about that is that whoever plays next year won’t have a lot to beat.

Pelican Waters won with about 210 points.

Cooroy Golf Club 4BBB Stroke – Mixed Pairs

Cooroy Golf Club is looking for mixed pairs (1 man and 1 woman) to play in a 4BBB Stroke with visitors from McLeod Golf Club on Sunday 9 June 2013.

A nomination sheet is available in the club house. If you do not have a partner write your name on the nomination sheet and the club will try to find you one.