Week ending 24th August 2013 (Vets)


Our visit to Gympie for our Host Day on Monday certainly showed how fortunate we are at Cooroy to be playing on very well prepared greens. The work by Kirsty and her staff are a credit to them all.  While on the subject of greens, it was very interesting to see the drainage work being done at the back of the 11th green on Wednesday.

I would ask all cart drivers to show some courtesy to our greens staff by not driving your carts too close to the greens, and sticking to the paths.

I am not sure if John Milligan was cheating or not, but he failed to record the 25 air swings he had on the 12th hole on Wednesday.  His wild swings had no effect, and probably only made the attacking plovers even more aggressive.

Next weeks’ game will see a return to a 1 card length preferred lie; however it will be on the fairways only. The decision has been made after consultation with a broad section of our members.  A few points to consider are that we are all out there to enjoy our game of golf, our fairways are not perfect and you are not forced to take a preferred lie if you do not wish to. The only reason I see not to have a preferred lie at this stage, is that you cannot set a course record while the preferred lie rule is in place.


Although you could actually blame the greens with justification the fairways were in good shape and despite an early light shower it turned out to be another great Queensland day.

Our best were Phil Botting with an excellent 40, Andrew Dick 37 and Bruce Wilshire 37.

Geoff Pembroke 35, Dave Chapman 34, Brian McMillan 33, Warren Hay 33, Bill Edwards 32, Jon Sendall 32, Rod Roemermann 32, Rod Booth 32, Mike Miklenda 31, Dave Walder 31, Brian Flynn 31, Alan Emery 31, John Round 30, Kevin Crundall 30, Jim Penman 29, John Kelly 29, John Cairns 29, Col Easton 28, Mike Smith 28, Chris Simpson 28, Ron Blount 27, Graham Laing 26, John Stewart 26, Grant Smallacombe 25, Jim Henderson 25, Ken Morgan 24, Lionel Willett 17.

Jimmy Henderson won the Jellyiatric Award” (a bag of jelly beans) for hitting the wrong ball, a golf cart, another player and a tree in that order all on the same hole and then delaying play to take a photo of his ball lodged in the wounded tree.   In somewhat of a redemption Jimmy also hit a green and won a NTP.

Opportunities again went begging to challenge Ron Blount at the top of the Leader Board for the Jim Penman Host Day Trophy but points can be secured on Monday when we host Headland at Cooroy – 8 points are on offer for the winner and 7 points for the runner up.


Event: 4BBB Stableford

Field: 75

Prize Donor: Cooroy Vets

Winners: Ken McKay & Ken Gray (Visitor) 49 c/b

Runners Up: Brian McLoughlin & Tony Kershaw 49 c/b

Run Down: John O’Donoghue & Brian Curson 48, John Tomlins & Jim Henderson 48, Andrew Dick & Mike Smith 48, Kevin Donoghue (Visitor) & Ray Hand 47, Tony Bernhagen & Rob Nash 47, Rod Booth & Alan Emery 47, John Kelly & Kevin Crundall 47.

NTP: 4th Rudy Agerbeek, 6th Peter Piggott, 7th Geoff Kerr, 10th Tom Williams, 12th Ron Bourne, 15th Tom Williams.

Captain’s Choice: Ron Bourne.

Raffle: Graham Laing, Grant Smallacombe, Kevin Crundall, Jim Gregg, Tony Kershaw.


A reminder that we move to summer tee times from September through to April i.e. tee times from 6:30 am rather than 7:00 am (watch for announcements on shot gun starts).

Rod Booth – Secretary/Treasurer

Cooroy Veterans’ Golf Club