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VOLUNTEERS: Volunteer Management Dashboard

The Volunteer Management Dashboard provides the tools to manage the Club’s projects, activities and volunteers.  Access is restricted to nominated people only and requires the user to sign-in via a secure log-in.

The Dashboard is primarily designed to provide support for Club Officials, designated staff, Volunteer Co-ordinator/s and individual Project/Job Coordinators.

The public access Volunteer Central web page provides Volunteers with news, volunteer support information, the various Registers and feedback on job outcomes – volunteers want to know that what they do makes a difference.  Volunteer Central allows members, volunteers and visitors to our website to view Club projects and activities in which member volunteers are, or can be involved.  It also provides a form of recognition and visibility for work undertaken by our volunteer program.

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“Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good of all members of Cooroy Golf Club and without financial gain.”

Information held for each volunteer includes skills, expertise and preference for type of volunteer work.  These skills, expertise and preferences can then be aligned with the requirements of an activity or project to the benefit of both the volunteer and the club.  NOTE:  The Register includes an emergency contact for each volunteer.

Volunteer recognition is an important part of any volunteer program.  The system provides a basis for developing a volunteer reward and recognition program.

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We define a Project as “A planned initiative to be executed over a fixed period within certain cost and other limitations to achieve a particular aim or outcome.” 

Each Project has a Project Sponsor.  Typically, the Project Sponsor will be the club official responsible for the area of operation (Department) e.g. for a project to ‘Install a New Course Watering System – xx Hole’ it will be the Greens Director.  

Funding:  The annual Budget for the area of operation (Department) may include a specific allocation to Projects (capital expenditure budget) creating for example, a budget Portfolio of Projects.  Projects allocated funding in the annual Budget are tagged with the ‘Budget Year’. 

In any year the list of projects will be larger than The Club can fund.  Projects compete for funding on the strength of support for strategic goals, business objectives and short term imperatives. The primary responsibility of the Project Sponsor is to champion the project and ensure there is a well defined case for allocation of funding in Budget considerations. 

It is important to understand that allocation of project funding in the annual Budget is not, of itself, authority for project expenditure.   Budget funding must be formally approved and signed-off by Cooroy Golf Club Management Committee before a Listed Project proceeds through the process described below under Status.

There is flexibility to modify, add or remove projects during the year provided the integrity of the Budget allocation to projects is maintained.

Projects move through stages indicated by Status – viz:

Listed           Listed as a potential project.  The minimum needed for listing is an overview explaining the problem or opportunity addressed by the project, the desired outcome and a ‘high level’ description of the proposed solution with an initial estimate of cost.

Initiation      Project authorised to move to next stage involving feasibility, full scoping, costing, timing, post project maintenance requirements.

Approved     Project has sign off with formal approval to proceed.

In Progress  Project underway.

Handover    Project is in handover phase.  Not all projects need to go through this phase.

Completed   Project is complete.

Terminated  Project will not proceed.

The Project Initiation stage will also define post project maintenance requirements, an important consideration in any project approval.  During the Handover stage and, depending on post project requirements, it may be appropriate to set up a Job for ongoing maintenance.  For example, if a Project creates a new Garden then a Garden Maintenance Job needs to be set up and volunteers assigned.

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A Job is defined as “A structured activity necessary for the successful day to day operation of Cooroy Golf Club.”  It does not include Projects which are defined and managed separately.

Funding:  Typically funding for these activities is covered by the Budget allocation for maintenance and/or day to day operations for the particular area of operation. 

If the job is performed at regular intervals (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually) the system can be set up to provide an email reminder to the job coordinator and volunteers assigned to job.

The system allows ‘comments or notes’ to be added to a job throughout its life thus providing a useful reference and history record.  It might, for example, be a ‘note’ of some special action that needs to be undertaken in the next iteration of the job or it may be a suggestion for improving the way the job is performed.

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