VETS – Results for 16th September 2015


Wednesday’s Canadian 2 Stroke was played in ideal conditions that suited the winning team of Peter Buchbach and Hasse Andersson, who finished with a Nett 60.

For those that didn’t combine too well, the good news for you is that we don’t play another one until this time next year.

Did anyone hear Bob Noble reciting 51 today, 51 today, 51 today.  No it was not Bob’s birthday. He was talking about the number of balls he has drowned in the last 4 weeks. One of his playing partners said not to worry about Bobas he has loads of money and can afford the loss”.

I have had a couple of enquiries from members who missed the original shirt order.   If you have missed out and would like to order a new shirt, the new price will be $40.  Orders will have to be given to me by next week.  This will be your last opportunity until next year.

International Flags ImageNext week we play our International All Stars Vs the “Aussies competition.  We will be playing a normal “Stableford Competition with its usual prizes”, this competition will also include the above challenge.


There will be 3 teams.  The “International All Stars” will be captained by Jim Henderson.   The True Blue Aussies will be captained by Dave Lyons, and the Aussie Attack will be captained by me.  You will allocated a side to represent when we do the tee allocations.  Feel free to wear something that represents your origin, or dress for the occasion.

The 10 best scores from each team will be added to produce a winner. There will be a prize for each teams “player of the day” and also a small prize for all members of the successful team.

The 3 Captains will be having a serious side bet on the outcome and you are encouraged to do likewise.

Our nominations for the Maroochy River Host Day have been over-subscribed with a total of 47 players nominating. We are restricted to 45 so the last 2 players have been placed on a waiting list.  The game is not until the 28th September and all players will be advised well before that date.


Event: Canadian 2 Stroke
Prize Donor: Cooroy Vets
Field: 74

Winner: Peter Buchbach & Hasse Andersson 60
Runner Up: Michael Loe & Chris Nielsen 60½ c/b
3rd Place: Rod Harper & Ed Krop 60½ c/b

Runner Up: Don Pigdon & Ron Bourne, Terry Hymas & Dale Rickard, John O’Donoghue & Paul O’Hare, David Jones & Greg Flanagan, Ray Glover & Mike Smith, Ian Mulhall & Ray Leslie, Kevin Crundall & Grant Smallacombe.

NTP: 4th (Richies Bakery) – Rod Harper, 6th – Nick Kostalas, 7th – A Skinner, 10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Bill Livermore (vis), 12th – Ozzie Osborne, 13th (Bar Voucher) – Ed Krop, 15th (Noosa Outlook Meats) – Peter Buchbach.

Captain’s Choice – 2nd shot 8th Hole: Paddy Knapp.

Lucky Draw: Kevin Crundall, Col Easton, John Sendall, Rod Harper (all collected).

VETS ON THE ROAD – Andy’s Big Adventure

Andrew Dick is enjoying a break in Thailand with his wife Gabbi and caught up with Brad Jordison and the Outback Bar Golf Club for a game of golf in quite a scenic location.

Here are the photos to prove it.  No report on how Andrew and Brad faired in the competition.

Andy's Big Adventure

Rod Booth – Secretary/Treasurer – Cooroy Veterans’ Golf club

Riddles for Veteran Golfers

Today’s riddle for veteran golfers…….Here is the situation:

You are on a horse galloping at a constant speed.

On your left side is a sharp drop-off.

On your right side is an elephant travelling at the same speed as you.

Directly in front of you is a galloping kangaroo and your horse is unable to
overtake it.

Behind you is a lion running at the same speed as you and the kangaroo.

What must you do to get out of this highly dangerous situation ?

Think logically before you scroll down for the answer





Quietly get off the merry-go-round and go home!