Vets – NEWSLETTER week ending 2nd August 2014


IMPORTANT: As you are probably aware, we are fortunate enough to be hosting this years’ C&D Grade Veterans District Championships AT COOROY, on Monday the 1st of September, 8.30 am shotgun start. It is not that far away.

We would like as many of our own players to participate.  The competition will be a Single Stableford. C-Grade handicap is from 19-27, & D-Grade 28-36. Cost to enter will be $12.  The Nomination sheet is available, and is on our pin up board at the club.   At this stage the number of our players nominating is a little bit disappointing.  Your Committee has done a great job in securing this event, so please get behind it, by nominating and this should ensure it will be a good day.

If you can’t play for some reason we are looking for volunteers to be ball spotters, man drink stations, or just help out with checking score cards etc. Please let Rod or I know if you are able to assist, or put your name on the appropriate sheet at the club.

A&B Grade players can nominate to play at Horton ParkThis event will be held on Friday the 5th Sept.

It is also time to start thinking about who you may invite to our Members Guest Day on the 10th of September. The event that day will be a 4 Man Ambrose, and there will be a FREE sausage sizzle at the completion of play. Ideally you will bring along a person who may one day consider joining our club.

WORKING BEE: Our next working bee will now be on Monday the 11th of August.  It will be an ideal opportunity to tidy up the course before the District Championships. ALL WELCOME TO ATTEND.

Another mighty effort by our members, this week’s Cart Shed Raffle (picture – ‘boxed’ Putter prize) raised $110.00 and was won by Nick Kostalas.


Nick Kostalas is back from his long outback odyssey.  Nick left on the 12th of May travelling to Miles for the first night then onto Roma Longreach then up to the Isa. From there Barkley homestead and down to Alice for a few days then up to Katherine.  From there to WA via Victoria River and Kunnunurra then up to Broome for a week then down the coast via Halls creek Karratha, Dampier to see the red dog statue then down to New Norcia which was a place worth visiting with the history of the Benedictine monks there who started it in 1847 – well worth the visit.  From there to Northam and onto Kalgoorlie then off across the Nullabor plain to Ceduna.  Apparently Nick was too busy sightseeing and only able to fit in one game of golf.  From Ceduna to Adelaide for two weeks then Broken Hill and headed home.

Andrew Dick is also on an outback odyssey at the moment – lost somewhere in the wilds of Northern Australia – will be back sooner or later.


EVENT: Stableford
FIELD: 87 including 5 visitors
PRIZE DONOR: “The Golf Pirates” (aka John Round, Stuart Wright, Don Pigdon, Ron Bourne)

Thank you to the Golf Pirates (no reflection of course) for sponsoring the event and sticking around to present the prizes.

It was great to see a large contingent of visitors from down south some of whom are now almost regarded as Cooroy Vets they come to Cooroy so often – must be the company and brilliant weather!

Early starters Kevin Crundall (left in picture) and Mike Miklenda (right in picture) returned to the club house feeling pretty chuffed with scores of 44 and 38 points respectively.  Kevin, in particular, was feeling positive about taking out C Grade until Steve Hall pulled off a miracle on the 18th.  Steve duffed his tee shot and barely made it to the ladies tee.  He then hit a second shot just short of the water culvert.  His next shot looked good heading straight at the flag but his playing partners thought it might have been a bit strong and gone through the green.   When the group got to the green there was no ball in sight or anywhere behind the green – then someone thought to look in the hole – an eagle and a C Grade win for Steve on a count back.

WINNER A Grade: Bob Noble 40, RUNNER UP: Peter Piggott 39 c/b
B Grade: Len Highland 42, RUNNER UP: Doug Allisone 38
WINNER C Grade: Steve Hall 44 c/b, RUNNER UP: Kevin Crundall 44

RUN DOWN to 36: Rod Harper, Jim Henderson, Graeme Osborne, Lionel Willett, Jim Penman, Dave Chapman, Mike Miklenda, Tom Murphy, Rob Nash, Brian Flynn, Ron Blount, Brian McMillan, Dave Walder, Bruce McLean, John Cairns, Matt Brindley, Ron Bourne, Dennis Beckhaus, Peter Johnson.

NTP: 4th (Richies Bakery) Peter Buchback (vis), 6th Con Russell, 7th Laurie Staples, 10th (TravelManagers) Rob Nash, 12th Alex Kologaras, 13th (Bar Voucher) Ken McKay, 15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) Peter Johnson.

CAPTAIN’s CHOICE – 4 points or better on 18th: Matt Brindley, Steve Hall (Eagle), Mike Smith, Brad Jordison.

RAFFLE: Col Easton, Alan Humphries, Bob Read, Len Highland.


There are good reasons why the 17th is ranked the 3rd hardest hole on the course – although I don’t think this is one of them.

During Wednesdays’ Stableford competition Alan Humphries hit a shot into a very difficult position on the bank of the creek crossing the 17th fairway prompting his playing partners to take bets on whether he could make the next shot – or perhaps, more to the point, should even attempt to make it without risking mishap.

Alan’s response was “I’m not loosing another #*@$^* golf ball”.

Say no more – the picture says it all!

To make things worse Alan was then refused entry to the clubhouse – because (1) he was inappropriately dressed and (2) no one recognised him!!!

Needless to say Alan will be more cautious, or pragmatic, in future when taking ‘a close look’ at the 17th creek.

There was some consolation for Alan – he took out a bottle of wine in the raffle.

Rod Booth – Secretary/Treasurer

Old Age

George Burns, the comedian, was interviewed on his 91st birthday in the company of a bevy of beautiful young women.

When asked how he felt at 90 years he responded:

I feel as good now as I did when I was 21 years old – just shows you how pathetic I was when I was 21.