VETS: Newsletter week ending 29th July 2017


Next Wednesday, 2nd August 2017, is an 18 Hole Stableford and 1st round of the “Foundation Members Old Course Challenge”

Our surviving foundation members are Lionel Willett (photo) and Ed Otto.

The old course holes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 16 17 and 18.

Wednesday, 9th August 2017 is also an 18 Hole Stableford and 2nd round of the “Foundation Members Old Course Challenge”.

Players use one card each week and separately total their score for the old course holes in addition to their 18 Hole score.

Prizes will be as normal for the 18 Hole Stableford events. 

There will be ‘all in’ prizes for each Foundation Members Old Course Challenge round and aggregate old course score over the 2 rounds.


WE head up to Gympie for a host day visit on Tuesday, 15th August 2017.

You can nominate on-line.


Event: Stableford
Sponsor: smallPRINT Australia Pty Ltd
Field: 57

A Grade: Winner – Greg Michael 42, Runner UpBob Noble 37 c/b, 3rd Place – Ken Davis (MR) 37
B Grade: Winner – Brian Stephen 42, Runner UpKeith Harkins 39 c/b, 3rd Place –John Kelly 39
C Grade: Winner – Mike Miklenda 39 c/b, Runner UpJohn Round 39, 3rd Place –Stuart Wright 37

Run Down to 38:

Doug Pearce, Lance Horn, Kevin Olsen, Errol Radley, Jason Egan, Mike Whelan (MR), Peter Piggott, Richard Kuskie (MR), David Dunwoody (MR), Geoff Currie, Ron Blount, Mike Smith, Bob Exton (MR), Garry Kane (MR), Ian Dangar (MR), Andrew Dick, Peter Fryer, Don Clelland, Rick Hayes (MR), Ken McKay, Steve Jonkman (MR).   

RESULTS for 26th JULY 2017

Event: Stroke – AUGUST Monthly MedalJohn Madill Toyota
Prize Donor: John Madill Toyota
Field: 80

Thanks to our sponsors, John Madill Toyota Make Madill’s your first call if you are looking for a new or used car.

A Grade: Winner – Greg Michael 68, Runner Up – John Stewart 69, 3rd Place – Peter Buchbach 70
B Grade: Winner – Jim Gregg 68, Runner Up – Ron Bourne 69, 3rd Place – Kevin Olsen 69
C Grade: Winner – Jack Timm 66 , Runner Up – Steve Howes 67, 3rd Place – Terry Hymas 68 c/b

Run Down to 71: Andrew Dick, Bob Read, Rob Powell, Brad Lavender, Peter Piggott, Terry Magill, Tom Williams, Mike Miklenda, Ed Krop, Nick Kostalas, Rudy Agerbeek.


4th B Grade: (Richies Bakery) Rod Booth
– C Grade: Steve Howes
7th – A Grade: Peter Piggott
10th – B Grade: (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) Ken McKay
12th – C Grade: John Round
13th – All in: Mike Smith
15th – A Grade: (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats) Errol Radley

Best Gross: T1 -Peter Buchbach & Greg Michael – 80, 3rd – John Stewart 82

Lucky Draw: Ossie Osborne, Lionel Willett, Lindsay (Vis), Joe Daniels