Vets – NEWSLETTER week ending 28th June 2014


Busy golfing month coming up in July!

A reminder – next week’s Monthly Medal is a shot gun start at the new time of 8:30am.

Nominations for the invitation day to Cooroy Women for a 3 Person Ambrose on Monday, 7th July, close on 2nd July.

The Nomination sheet for hosting Horton Park at Cooroy on 14th July 2014 is available in the club house.

The host day visit to Caloundra on Friday, 25th July, is back on for that date.  Nomination sheet is available in club house.

Our next SAUSAGE SIZZLE will be held on 23rd July 2014 – it seems the buttered bread-rolls and well cooked sausages (thanks to Nick Kostalas) went down well last time.  This is an opportunity to stay in touch and engaged with past and present Vets members we don’t see very often, or at all, for whatever reason or who are injured or ill and unable to play golf.   If there is someone you think should be invited please let Rod or any of the Vets Committee know.   The invitees will join us for the sausage sizzle part of the day.


Goods new for Kirsty but sad news for Cooroy Golf Club.

Kirsty has accepted a senior green keeping position with Kalgoorlie Golf Club and will be leaving on 11th July 2014.

On behalf of Cooroy Vets we wish Kirsty all the best in her new role and for the future and thank her for skilfully preparing and presenting the course.  We appreciated her efforts and regularly received positive feedback from visiting Vets about our course.


Congratulations to Jim Penman for taking out the Cooroy Open last weekend.  Just proves age only matters if it involves wine or cheese.


Results of raffle – drawn early.

Adina Watch valued at $300 – John Quodling
Carton Beer – Sue Cordwell
2 Pack of Angove’s Wine –
Brad Lavender
6 Pack Coopers – Phil Botting


Event: 4 Man Ambrose
Field:  66

Thank you to our sponsors for this event – “The Golf Tragics” aka Graham Laing, Kevin Crundall, Dave Passenger, Brad Lavender, Rod Booth.

Winners: Jim Henderson, Brian Flynn, Ron Blount, Derek Clayton
Runners Up: Bruce Wilshire, Jim Prendergast, Jim Gregg, Chris Simpson

Run Down:

Dave Walder, Laurie Staples, Ray Glover, Ray Lally
Tony Kershaw, Brian McLoughlin, Mike Smith, Ed Boyd
John Stewart, Col Easton, Kevin Tonkin, Bob Noble
John Butler, Kevin Olsen, Bruce Cowan, Bob Watson

NTP: 6th Kevin Tonkin, 7th John Butler, 12th Kevin Tonkin.

Raffle: Ray Glover, Terry Lyons, John Butler, Kevin Tonkin


We have had complaints that players have nominated in a group on the Nomination Sheet only to find later that it has been removed or changed.

As a matter of courtesy names should not be changed or removed without the okay from the person involved.

Of course on competition day the Starter, Captain or Vice Captain may, for practical reasons, need to move players between groups so please bear with us when this occurs.

We also ask you to include your handicap on the Nomination Sheet.  There is a practical reason for this.  It assists Grant and Jimmy in placing players in the correct grade when preparing the white board for a competition – it is understood your handicap may change between putting your name on the sheet and game day.


Unfortunately again on Wednesday there were incidents of careless use of carts in areas that should have been avoided.

Please take care to observe the direction of cart signs and be conscious of course conditions – particularly wet or closed off areas.

Rod Booth – Secretary/Treasurer
Cooroy Veterans’ Golf Club