VETS: Newsletter week ending 20th May 2017


Welcome aboard to three new members:

Bruce Richards
Steve Taylor
Mike Kent


John Kelly takes the lead in our 2017 SPotY competition from Terry Lyons and Kerry Martin with the rest hot on their heels. 

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RESULTS for 17th May 2017

Event: Stableford
Sponsor: Graham Laing
Field: 83

A Grade: Winner – Peter Kennedy 43, Runner UpPeter Buchbach 41, 3rd Place – Tony Bernhagen 38
B Grade: Winner – John Kelly 41, Runner UpRon Blount 41, 3rd Place – Ron Bourne 36
C Grade: Winner – Michael Andersen 39, Runner UpStuart Wright 38, 3rd Place – Lionel Willett 36

Run Down to 35:

Greg Michael, Gary Dayman, Rudy Agerbeek, Don Clelland, Bruce Richards, Kevin Olsen, Peter Piggott, Graham Laing, Bruce Wilshire, Michael Loe,  


4th (Richies Bakery) C Grade: Lance Horn
6thA Grade: Peter Kennedy
7thB Grade: Paddy Knapp
10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) C Grade: Rod Harper
12thA Grade: Ken McKay
15th (Noosa Outlook Meats) B Grade: Jason Egan

Captain’s Choice – 1st Hole 2nd shot: Lionel Willett
Lucky Draw: 
ike Kent, Derek Clayton, Terry Hymas, Peter Smith