VETS: Newsletter week ending 11th June 2016


The wild weather on the East Coast didn’t leave us too confident our Host Day on 6th June would go ahead but in the event the worst of it passed us by although scores don’t reflect that the course was very playable with just bunkers out of play.  Honours were fairly evenly shared across the 3 clubs.

Mike Smith confessed to being a little surprised to take out Host Day C Grade with 34 points commenting that this was his lowest ever winning score; a long way short of his best winning score of 55 points – that’s golf for you.

The Bush Boys - 10th GreenBy Wednesday there was little evidence of the wild weather with a beautiful sunny day after a very cold start and some more impressive scores.  Ray Lally continued his form from the 2016 Pairs Match Play win to take out A Grade, Tony Foster took out B Grade with the popular Don Pigdon returning to the winning list after a bit of a drought to take out C Grade.

A huge thank you to The Bush Boys for their sponsorship support – I won’t mention them by name because their regular sponsorship means they should be well known to everyone by now.

The picture (click to enlarge) records quite a feat – all 4 players on the 10th green with their Tee shots.  They were quite chuffed with this achievement and happen to be 4 of the 15 strong The Bush Boys group. L to R Peter Reilly, Phil Mason, Jim Gregg with John McIntyre taking photo.


Being largely retired our members are free to travel.  When they do the rule is they must send photos so we can all vicariously enjoy the trip.

Warren Hay has headed off to Russia and Poland for 2 months.Smallacombe G at St Andrews

Grant is currently in Scotland and sent this report after a visit to St Andrews:

“Photo of me on the “Swilken Bridge” at St Andrews “old course”.  No time for a game, but got to walk the 1st, 17th and 8th holes. The course looks very different to what you see on TV when they play the open, as there are no stands and gallery’s defining the fairways. The only difference from the 1st to the 18th fairway is that it is mown in a different direction.

I am not in my Cooroy shirt and I’m blaming Denise for not packing it, even if it was my fault.”

RESULTS for 6th JUNE 2016

Event: Stableford
Visitors: Peregian Springs & Nambour
Prize Sponsors: smallPRINT Australia Pty Ltd & Cooroy Veterans’ Golf Club
Field: 93

Winners: A Grade – Bob Heiler (PS) 38, B Grade – Simo Pallaspuro (N) 37, C Grade – Mike Smith 34
Runners Up: A Grade –Andrew Dick 38, B Grade – Jim Burgess (N) 37, C Grade – Bob Wilson (PS) 33
3rd Place: A Grade – Kevin Olsen 37, B Grade – Ron White (PS) 35, C Grade – John Brennan (PS) 31

Run Down to 32: Les Arthur, Jason Egan, Michael Payten, Max Ryan, John Mulloy, John Forgan, Peter Gilfoyle, Len Highland, Nev Middlewick, Chris Masters, Blair Robinson, Helmuth Macey, Tony Illa, Owen Nofke,Bill Henderson, Nick Kostalas, Rod Roemermann.


4th  – Dave Lyons
6th – Ron White (PS)
7th – Blair Robinson (PS)
10th – Blair Robinson (PS)
12th – Ed Krop
15th – Errol Radley

2016-06 06 - Group

RESULTS for 8th June 2016

Event: Stableford
Prize Donor: The Bush Boys (x 15)
Field: 79

Winners: A Grade – Ray Lally 40, B Grade – Tony Foster 40, C Grade – Don Pigdon 38
Runners Up: A Grade – Michael Loe 39, B Grade – Nick Kostalas 37, C Grade – Rob Powell 36
3rd Place: A Grade – Tom Williams 38, B Grade – Doug Allisone 36, C Grade – Mike Miklenda 35

Run Down to 35: Chris Simpson, Kev Olsen, Paul O’Hare, Glen Johnstone, Dennis Beckhaus, Greg Flanagan, Les Grimsditch, Len Highland, Rob Nash, Greg Michael, Peter Piggott, Brian Clemow, Bruce Wilshire, Russ Rylance, Rex Williams, Ray Nolan.


4th (Richies Bakery/Fox & Hound Espresso) – Jim Henderson
6th – Lionel Willett
7th – A Skinner
10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Tony Bernhagen
12th – Glen Johnstone
13th (Cooroy Golf Club) – Dale Rickard
15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) – Russ Rylance

Captain’s Choice: A Skinner

Thai Tong Restaurant – 1st Hole 2nd Shot: Rob Nash

Lucky Draw: Dennis Beckhaus, Ron Blount, Greg Michael, Peter Piggott