VETS: A Golf Life Lesson

A golf life lesson from one of our members.

I was playing the 14th last week and hit my second shot over the hill in line with the trees on the left.  I came over the hill and saw my ball further to the right than I had expected.

I checked and double checked the ball and confirmed that it was mine (a Srixon number 3 in average condition) ……and duly hit the ball.  Only to hear a shout from my playing partner that MY ball was down near the water!  Oops, I had hit some one else’s ball.  I apologised to the player, who was playing the 11th, who owned the ball and imposed the two stroke penalty on myself – the first such penalty I have ever had in my 10 years of playing.

purple-penguinMaybe I was a little unlucky in that the other players ball was IDENTICAL to mine in brand, number and condition, but the fault was with me for not having my unique mark on my ball.  I have now seen the error of my ways and today I purchased a “stamping kit” from the kids section of Big W.  Henceforth all my balls will be marked with the purple penguin logo.

To rub salt into the wound I reluctantly mention that I missed winning A grade on the day by one shot!

Here end’th the lesson.

The Purple Penguin