VETS – Results for 18th March 2015

Results Veterans Golf 18th March 2015

Event: Single Stableford
Sponsor: Cooroy Golf Club
Field: 75

Winners: A Grade, Alan Blundell (38) c/b , B Grade, Doug Allisone (42), C Grade, Terry Hymas (45).
Runner Up: A Grade, Bob Noble (38), B Grade, Ossie Osborne (40), C Grade, Peter Smith (41).

(to 37), John Woodward, Bruce Wilshire, Phil Mason, John Stewart, Jim Gregg, Ken McKay,
Paddy Knapp, Bill Galvin, John Milligan, Rudy Agerbeek, John Butler, Les Arthur, Errol Radley, Kerry Martin.

4th (Richies Bakery),  6th Dave Chapman,  7th Les Terrans,  10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) Ray Glover
12th Tony Foster,  13th ( Bar Voucher) Alan Blundell,  15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats) Les Terrans

Captains Choice:
(NTP 8th 2nd shot) Bruce Wilshire
Kevin Olsen Eagle on the 1st.

Raffle: Phil Mason, Bruce Wilshire, Bill Galvin, Mike Miklenda

Captains Corner

Wedneday’s Single Stableford event was sponsored by The Cooroy Golf Club and a total of 75 players, ( including 1 visitor from Wollongong) took part, this compares with 75 last year.

We also welcome a new member Roman Pajak to the Vets for his first game, please make Roman welcome & we hope he enjoys his time with us.

Our only life member Jim Penman is back in hospital.” We hope it’s only for a short stay Jim, as we want to see you back on the course soon. Rod Booth is up and about after his recent operations and we should see him back in the clubhouse next Wednesday.

Bob Noble is in the news again, posting his 5th runner up finish for the year.  How does he do this. You better ask Bob.

Congratulations to Kevin Olsen for his Eagle on the 1st. A great effort from Terry Hymas who finished with 45 points.

Next Wednesday is 2 Man Ambrose, make sure you have a partner.