Results from 17th August 2013 (Men)

EVENT:  Final Round Club Championships

Winners:  A Grade – George Hall (67), B Grade – Andy Stewart (66 o.c.b.), C Grade – Dave Chapman (66)

Runners-up: A Grade – Pat Carroll (69), B Grade – Ash May (66), C Grade – Nick Kostalis (67)

Rundown: Kelvin Brittain, Warren Smith, Tony Gordon, Fred Bott, Bruce McLean, Phil Giblett, Kent Griffiths, Geoff McDonald, Ash Riedel, John Livesey, John Butler, Ian Lumsden, Kevin Tonkin

Approaches:  1st – Kelvin Brittain   13th – Les Grimsditch

N.T.P:  4th – John Cairns   6th – Grathan Leatherbarrow 7th – Ray Nolan   10th – Nick Kostalis  12th – Jim Penman  15th (Pro Pin) – Andy Stewart 4.75m  ($10)

Sweepstakes Winner:  Andy Stewart ($27)

Raffle Winners: Andy Stewart, Ron Blount

Congratulation to B Grade Champion Russ Rylance winning by 1 shot from Warren Smith and C Grade Champion Ashley May who won by a large margin from Tony Foster. The A grade Championship will be decided by a playoff next week beginning at 9:30am between George Watson and David Anderson.

Well done to all who competed for the 4 rounds and best of luck to players involved in the match play championships.

Brad Jordison

Match Committee