MEN (Saturday): Results for 5th March 2016

MarkBA field of 80 men were met by light breezes and cool conditions for this weeks Monthly Medal.  Putting wasn’t easy with greens receiving a scarifying in preparation for next weeks coring.  However this didn’t stop the great scores from continuing with 17 players returning netts in the sixties.  Special mention should be given to the super rounds returned by Adam Linde, Derek Wood and Andy Stewart and congratulations to permanent happy man, Mark Bright (left) for his course record equaling 68 gross.

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Event: Monthly Medal


A Grade – Andy Stewart 64

B Grade – John Butler 68 ocb

C Grade – Derek Wood 64

D Grade – Adam Linde 60

Runners Up:

A Grade – Marc Bright

B Grade – Geoff Linde

C Grade – Chris Nielsen

D Grade – Rod Harper

Run Down:

Ian McMullen, Bob Atkin, Ron Blount, Nigel Irwin, Ray Glover, Cyril Trist, Nathan Linde, Brent Jesberg, Russ Rylance, Tony Hayes, Mark Arundel, Ian Lumsden, Derek Clayton, Gus Stewart, Pat Carroll, Brian Clemow


  1. Paul Korczynski
  2. Derek Wood
  3. Mark Arundel
  4. Ray Glover
  5. Paul Korczynski

Approach 2nd.   Brad Jordison

Pro Pin: Kevin Stevens 2.37m Tony Bernhagen, Noel Ackland, Cyril Trist

Sweepstakes: Adam Linde


  1. David Bastick
  2. Wally Grant
  3. Phil Giblett