MEN – Results for 20th June 2015

Round 1 of Wimmer’s Winter Aggregate Single Stableford


Division 1 – Noel Ackland (42)

Division 2 –  Scott Ewington  (40)

Runners Up:

Division 1 – Andy Dick (40)

Division 2 –  John Livesey  (38)

Run Down: Paul Dudman, Geoff Linde, Ray Nolan, Rob Nash, Rob Sirrett, Grathan Leatherbarrow, Dave Walder

N.T.P: 4.  Andy Dick  6. Peter Kennedy  7. George Giblett  10.  Ian Lumsden 12. Tony Hayes

Pro Pin – George Hall & Shane Scanlan (3.4m) Ray Nolan,  Gus Stewart

Raffle: Darren Uren,  Darren Haines,  Ozzie Osborne

Sweepstakes: Noel Ackland  (42)

Crawford Cup Update

Phil and George Giblett defeated Kevin Stevens and Derek Clayton  (8 & 7)

Final to be Played NEXT WEEK

Greg Flanagan and John Butler to play Phil and George Giblett

Good Luck to both teams!