MEN: Pennant Results for 26th March 2017

After a dodgy weeks weather and the cyclone close, what was Sunday to be. Thankfully clear skies, and not a lot of breeze.  After winning the toss and electing to bat.

The team was off.

I must say, what a turn out off caddies we were presented with, we are proud to support this valuable programme and thanks go to our opposing teams and host’s for their willingness to be involved.

Tony Bernhagen ( helping deep Fryer), Gus Stewart turns up, hires cart and caddies for Shanker, Big Matty was helping Geoff Linde ( good on ya Mat)

With the ever reliable donna and new crew helping out Marky Bright.

We all know that we can not all play, so many thanks to those who give their spare time to the team.

If we have not said Thank you and or even a sorry in some cases, please consider it done.

Gympie today was a must win.

Jeff Mcdonald lost more holes than he needed to, but hung to tough out a 2 up win.

Ray Nolan fought the left right left’s, unfortunately finding the car park on the 18th, going down 2.

Geoff Linde was wondering what to do in the dry conditions, finally getting it together for a solid 2 and 1 win.

Peter Buchbach was surprised to not be giving shots away, coming in with a great 5 and 3 win.

The old salty deep Fryer was heads-up with Eric King (Gympie Captain), with Tony B ‘s advice Peter had a very solid 6 and 5 win.

Shanker was up early, warming up, dencorub, masseuse, back stretcher, pre-hit and the added help of Gus Stewart, another solid 6 and 5 win.

Mark carried the torch for our caddy programme, well done Mark. Mark also was wanting to check out the 18th, ending up a 1 up winner.

All up a 6 and 1 Win for the Cooroy Boys.

Next week we play Noosa at Nambour, please be there at 7.30, sort teams warm up, sort caddies and paperwork .

We hit off at 8.30

The Team

Mark Bright
Shane Scanlan
Peter Fryer
Peter Buchbach
Angus Stewart
Geoff Linde
Jeff Mcdonald

Reserves / caddies

Ray Nolan, Andy Stewart, Peter Jeucken,