MEN: Pennant Results for 19th March 2017

Considering the storms hanging around and the threat of more rain today, it was great to see everyone arrive at Maroochy River early, Team was settled and all players out checking to see which swing had arrived with them today.

We were all a little worried about our caddy programme, but like Mark and Shane, they deserved a rest.  Look forward to seeing Donna and Matty Next week.

Jeff Mcdonald led the field again, solid shots all day, loose shots (only 4 or 5) led to lost holes, but still came home strong with a 3 and two win.

Big Ray was firing on all orifices, ably supported by Shanker Scanlan, after a little advice from Shanker Ray pulled up 4 and 3 winner.

Geoff Linde was solid all day, having to give a shot on the 18th, unfortunately not able to come thru this week, falling short 1 down, next week fella.(on ya Gus)

P J Jeucken was the stand out on Thursday, 4 over off the bat, solid hit Saturday, today was another day,  going down 6 and 5 (had to give 4 shots).

Peter Buchbach also on the wrong side of shot giving (also 4) like dukes tried hard, finding his opposition just too solid on the day. Down 4 &3.

Peter (deep) Fryer also had to give not 4 but 5 shots, a challenge was ahead, after arriving and not being a mental wreck, he was ably supported by Tony B, and got on with his mission.

Bringing in a solid 3 & 1 win.

Peter Kennedy, really took to being moved up the starting order, (giving 4 shots ) was seven up, then lost one when we were watching, (Jona) decided to leave him to it and won the next hole to bring in a great 6 & 5 win.

Cooroy Win 4 to 3.   Well done team and special thanks to Tony B, Gus, Shanker for doing the caddy work.

Next weeks Team

Mark Bright
Shane Scanlan
Peter Fryer
Peter Buchbach
Geoff Linde
Ray Nolan
Jeff Mcdonald


Peter Jeucken
Andy Stewart
Gus Stewart
Tony B.

You can all sleep in! Let’s try and get there at eightish, practice and get settled in.

Mount Coolum hit off (9.15 am) 26th March per v2 time sheet.