Cooroy VETS – Health Forum

Health & WellbeingVeteran golf is not simply or solely about golf or indeed winning.  The camaraderie and providing a friendly, supportive environment for members is an essential part of the experience.

In this supportive role and at the instigation of Vets committee member, Mike Smith, Cooroy Vets introduced a  HEALTH FORUM in late 2014 where ideas can be shared about improving our health as we age and how to cope with dealing with particular health issues.  Sharing with others who have common experiences and problems can help you feel you are not alone and is sometimes more beneficial than a visit to the doctor.    A bit of fun and laughter helps also.

The age demographic for Vets means there are a lot of common health issues.  At one stage earlier this year we had so many members with knee and other joint problems we toyed with the idea of approaching a hospital about negotiating a group surgery discount.

HEALTH FORUM NO 5 – October 2015 provides an update on health and wellbeing issues raised in earlier Forums and talks about a recent health scare for one of our members to raise awareness for the issue – read more

If you would like more information or copies of earlier Health Forum articles speak to Mike or any of the Vets committee.  It is a Forum so it is intended to generate feedback and discussion.

Mike Smith – Vets Health Forum Facilitator