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MEN: 2022 Cooroy Men’s Open – Official Nomination List by Group (Committee)

This list tracks Nominations by Group. The starting Tee (Hole) for each Group will be displayed once the draw is made.

It differs from the “Public” list in that clicking the Group number displays full details for each player in the Group.

Nomination Count: 82

Walk Count: 39
Own Cart Count: 24
Hire Cart Count: 19

GrpTeePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
34Huw Werrett
1Terry LyonsPaul OhareTerry MagillGreg Michael
2Wayne Carty
3Gary Menyweather
5Dale Rickard
4Scott Bennett
6Mitchell DaviesKerry DaviesBrett LemoyWayne Price
7Peter Jeucken
8Kent GriffithRuss Rylance
9Jeff McDonaldDavid WippellLee GraingerKaleb Hamilton
10Peter O’ConnorKevin RossMark KennedyCraig g Black
11Derek WoodGreg FlanaganTony HayesJohn Cairns
12Daniel CrosbyLuke JacksonNathan CrosbyPeter Crosby
13Michael Kent
14Anthony Jones
15Pat CarrollNoel AcklandMark ArundelBrett Robertson
16Doug PearceTony FosterBrian Clemow
17Steve Jackson
18Peter Piggott
19Raymond SaundersGrathan Leatherbarrow
20Jason NorrisGeorge GiblettChris Wood
21Keith HarkinsMark KellyRichard GibsonPeter Brown
22Andrew Stewart
23Simon WhittleJames LindleyRichard LindleyRobert Cunningham
24Studley Martin
25Peter Buchbach
26Russell Hall
27Geoff Cowan
28Andrew Aves
29Mitchell Mclean
30Guy Anderson
31Mike O’Donnell
32Laurie Mead
33Brendan DuncanSimon HughesMatt HetheringtonBarry Newton
35Jason Murchie
36Adam Preston
37Mathew CraigPeter Craig
38Brent JesbergRon BlountPaul KorczynskiKevin Stevens
39Steve Saunders
40Jack Ruig
41David Webber
42Mark Woolway
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