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Clubhouse Hours: 6:00am to 6:00pm

MEN: 2019 Cooroy Men’s Open – Official Nomination List by Group (Pub)

List of players by Group including Starting Tee for each Group.

click on Grp number for more detail for individual players in Group.

Nomination Count: 108
Walk Count: 61

Grp Tee Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
3 16 Brent Jesberg Ron Blount Leo Hiku David Tink
4 2A Grant Smallacombe Ian Hammond Darrin Uren Eric King
5 12A Peter Palmer John Hillis Kent Griffith Michael Kent
6 12B Paddi Gannon Christopher Gannon Lindsay Ross Don Esposito
7 2B Nigel Smyly Andrew McAtee Max Watterson Kevin Stevens
9 1A George Giblett Josh Maddison Tama Stana Trent Crystal
12 1B Greg Michael Paul O’Hare Terry Magill Peter Piggott
14 15A Andrew Stewart Andri Smit Jason Tearle John Schafer
15 17A Paul Dudman George Hall Micheal Maraz Brian Clemow
18 10A Graeme Finn Gratham Leatherbarrow Bradley Jordison Aaron Hewson
19 15B Daniel Butler David Nendick Keith Johnson Stewart Waldock
21 11 Steve Saunders Jason Murchie Bailey Murchie Richard Kuskie
24 4B Peter O’Connor Mark Kennedy Geoff Cowan Gordon Green
27 18 Pat Carroll Noel Ackland Mark Arundel Brett Robertson
28 17B Daryl Frost Wayne Coleman Glenn Dodds David Attrill
33 3 Phil Johnson Tony Randall Ian Dauth Grant Flynn
34 4A Jack Ruig Jeff McDonald David Wippell Lee Grainger
36 7A Joseph Daniels Robert Wode Peter Jeucken Geoff Edwards
40 9 Sean Daines Mark Daines Nathan Linde Adam Linde
41 14 Jimmy Douris Taj Egea Jesse Egea Peter Kennedy
42 8 Cooroy IGA Cooroy IGA Pomona IGA Pomona IGA
43 5 Jake Crowther James Bradford Jason Witney Luke Parker
45 10B Bradley Thompson Gordon Tapa Jason Voros Adam Hawkins
47 7B Doug Johnstone Tom Kennedy Mike Hallam Tom Hallam
48 6A Rod Waldron David Durack Peter Gilbert Dennis Brown
49 6B Denis Hickey Denis O’Neill Richard Clayton Steve Porter
50 13 Cooroy Hotel Cooroy Hotel2 Cooroy Hotel3 Cooroy Hotel4
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