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Myall Street, Cooroy Qld 4563
PO Box 28, Cooroy Qld 4563
Clubhouse Hours: 6:00am to 6:00pm

MEN: 2019 Cooroy Men’s Open – Official Nomination List by Group (Pub)

List of players by Group including Starting Tee for each Group.

click on Grp number for more detail for individual players in Group.

Nomination Count: 108
Walk Count: 61

GrpTeePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
316Brent JesbergRon BlountLeo HikuDavid Tink
42AGrant SmallacombeIan HammondDarrin UrenEric King
512APeter PalmerJohn HillisKent GriffithMichael Kent
612BPaddi GannonChristopher GannonLindsay RossDon Esposito
72BNigel SmylyAndrew McAteeMax WattersonKevin Stevens
91AGeorge GiblettJosh MaddisonTama StanaTrent Crystal
121BGreg MichaelPaul O’HareTerry MagillPeter Piggott
1415AAndrew StewartAndri SmitJason TearleJohn Schafer
1517APaul DudmanGeorge HallMicheal MarazBrian Clemow
1810AGraeme FinnGratham LeatherbarrowBradley JordisonAaron Hewson
1915BDaniel ButlerDavid NendickKeith JohnsonStewart Waldock
2111Steve SaundersJason MurchieBailey MurchieRichard Kuskie
244BPeter O’ConnorMark KennedyGeoff CowanGordon Green
2718Pat CarrollNoel AcklandMark ArundelBrett Robertson
2817BDaryl FrostWayne ColemanGlenn DoddsDavid Attrill
333Phil JohnsonTony RandallIan DauthGrant Flynn
344AJack RuigJeff McDonaldDavid WippellLee Grainger
367AJoseph DanielsRobert WodePeter JeuckenGeoff Edwards
409Sean DainesMark DainesNathan LindeAdam Linde
4114Jimmy DourisTaj EgeaJesse EgeaPeter Kennedy
428Cooroy IGACooroy IGAPomona IGAPomona IGA
435Jake CrowtherJames BradfordJason WitneyLuke Parker
4510BBradley ThompsonGordon TapaJason VorosAdam Hawkins
477BDoug JohnstoneTom KennedyMike HallamTom Hallam
486ARod WaldronDavid DurackPeter GilbertDennis Brown
496BDenis HickeyDenis O’NeillRichard ClaytonSteve Porter
5013Cooroy HotelCooroy Hotel2Cooroy Hotel3Cooroy Hotel4
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