WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 9th February 2016

Frog in RainSurprisingly our numbers were well down this week.  Many people must be away and our new players were having their first lesson with Cyril.  He is going to give them 5 lessons and then they can make the decision if they want to play.

The extra rain has helped the course but has also made it very hard for the groundsmen to keep up with the mowing and slashing.

We played a Stableford event on the back nine and I must have been feeling very generous as I gave players a preferred lie of 1 club length.

Winner: Eve Hunt 19.

Runner-Up: Aileen Morton 17.

Rundown: Margie Lucas 16, Kaye Gilmour 15 (c/b), Carole Werry 15(c/b), Maria Taurer 14.

Approaches: 0-15 Colleen Sykes. 16-23 Kaye Gilmour.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co- Ordinator