WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 8th November 2016

Event: Stroke – Back Nine

Winner: Leith Barr (30)

Runner-Up: Lee Williams (34)

Run Down: Juanita Langford (35), Eve Hunt (36)c/b, Maz Hawkins (36)c/b, Barbara Kerr (36)c/b, Sue Austenberg (36)c/b.

Approaches: Maria Taurer ( in the hole), Maz Hawkins (in the hole).

Gobblers: Sandy Viney, Susie Thompson.

The year is quickly coming to an end and it only seems as if it has just begun.  If only we could get some decent rain……. The fairways have so much run on them that choosing the right club is a real challenge and the greens still need some more time before they come into their full glory.  Needless to say we had 22 stalwart golfers front up for their weekly game of golf.

A big congratulations to Leith Barr for a fantastic score and I know she will be keen to carry that form into her Thursday golf. A special welcome to our two new players, Julie Collis and Toni Mason. It is hard enough trying to learn golf at the best of times but it is especially hard on a very hot day….well done to you both.

Just a reminder that our joint Christmas lunch is on Thursday 8th December and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co Ordinator.