WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 6th December 2016

Event: 2 Person Ambrose – back nine.

Winners: Eve Hunt / Bronnie Neate 33.25.

Runners – Up: Sonja Caldwell / Sue Austenberg 33.5 c/b.

Run Down: Juanita Langford / Toni Mason 33.5 c/b, Yvonne Healey / Colleen Sykes 35.25.

Approaches: Hole 7: Eve Hunt / Bronnie Neate.  Hole 9: Aileen Morton / Julie Collis.

xmas-treeIt is with some sadness as I write this report as our golfing year is finished for 2016 and it seems as though it all went too quickly.  Being an old chalkie I guess I should think of it as just the school holidays.

This year has been terrific with our numbers up and many new players and there just seems to be a real sense of friendship within this group.  Cyril has been an absolute legend showing great tolerance and patience with all the new players and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for all that he has done this year.

I know Wayne does not want any thanks but I must.  He really looks after us all so well in so many ways and I want to say from all of us  “Thank you”.

The committee and I look forward to seeing you all next year if not sooner with our first day back on January 31st.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co Ordinator.