WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 3rd May 2016

Event: Stroke & Putts – Back Nine.

Winner: Aileen Morton 37.

Runner-Up: Margie Lucas 39.

Run Down: Juanita Langford 40 c/b, Kaye Gilmour 40 c/b, Chris Michael 40 c/b, Terri Cairns 41 c/b, Wendy Morse 41 c/b.

Approaches: 0-15 Juanita Langford. 16-23 Kaye Gilmour.

Longest Drive: Terri Cairns.

Putts: Susie Ferguson.

What a pleasure it was to see so many familiar faces back again. Although we still have quite a few away we had 21 players today.

It was also lovely to welcome back Susie Ferguson from Sydney and hopefully she can join us again.  Unfortunately we have only kept one new player from our annual drive but Karen Eddy has become a very valuable Tuesday Club member.

What really pleases me with our Tuesday Club is that even though some people win very little they still turn up week after week. Thank you  ladies. It is people like you who make the club what it really is.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co-Ordinator.