WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 23rd February 2016

Event: Stableford – Back Nine.

Winner: Eve Hunt  (21).

Runner-Up: Terri Cairns (20) c/b.

Run Down: Margie Lucas (20) c/b, Maz Hawkins (19), Anne Winning (17), Sue Sendall  (16), Sue Piggott (16), Weang Brown (16).

Approaches: 0-15 Eve Hunt. 16-23 Anne winning.

Another great day enjoyed by 25 players on our beautiful Cooroy Golf Course.  It is pleasing to see some of our regular players back playing once again and Cyril is still assisting our new players who hopefully will join us in the next few weeks.  A big thankyou to the “Treefellas” who removed most of a very large tree on the approach to the third hole.  One can actually see the green from almost anywhere on the fairway now ….a big Thankyou to Brad and John who undoubtedly endangered their lives to do such a great job.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co-Ordinator.