WOMEN (Tuesday) – Results for 13th October 2015

Women’s Tuesday Club

Today was our best turn up ever…. 27 players, and what a lovely surprise to see Terri Cairns back in the fold.  There are so many new faces and hopefully many more to come.

For those new people and perhaps even the more experienced players that need help the Master Golf Guru Cyril is back.  The new program starts this Friday at 7.30 am….meet at the shed and all your golf worries will be sorted.

We are looking forward to entertaining the Vets next week with a 4 person Ambrose and if don’t have your name down yet you have until tomorrow.  It is a Shotgun Start at 7.00 am so set your alarm clocks.

Event: Stableford – Front Nine.
Winner: Wendy Morse 22.
Runner-Up: Barbara Kerr 21.
Run Down: Maz Hawkins 20, Helen Doughty 20, Leith Barr 19, Maria Taurer 19, Kaye Gilmour 19, Terri Cairns 19.
Approaches: Sue Piggot, Maz Hawkins.
Gobblers: Sandy Viney, Maria Taurer, Wendy Morse.

Juanita Langford
Tuesday Golf Co-Ordinator