WOMEN (Tuesday Club): Results for 29th August 2017

EVENT DATE:29/08/2017
GAME TYPE:Stableford
WINNER:Bronnie Neate 21 c/b
RUNNER UP:Lee Williams 21
RUNDOWN:Terri Cairns 20, Tina Thomas 19 c/b, Susie Thompson 19, Kaye Gilmour 18, Juanita Langford 17 c/b.
APPROACHESTerri Cairns. Maz Hawkins & Leith Barr ( in the hole).
GOBBLERSAileen Morton, Joyce McKay, Wendy Morse, Margie Lucas.

25 players today which was a really good turnout.

A special congratulations for Bronnie Neate( a first year player) who won the competition today with a magnificent score of 21 points. Keep up the good work Bronnie.

The course is incredibly dry so I am sure we will become very competent tight lie players.

The cart path on the first hole is completed and now we wait and see what magic Margie and Carole will create in the new garden. Many thanks for all the hard work that our volunteers have put in.

Next week is still an 8.00 am start so make the most of it as we will be starting our 7.00 am start from the 12th September.

Juanita Langford
Tuesday Co Ordinator.