WOMEN (Tuesday Club) – Results for 27th October 2015

Another great morning at our Tuesday Club at the beautiful Cooroy Golf Course.

With a bit of the wet stuff about, hopefully the grass will be sprouting and with the work being done on the greens they will be spectacular in a few weeks’ time.

It is so rewarding to see so many women turning up each week to play in our little competition and also to see the new players improving. Once again we had 26 players and some outstanding results.

I would like to mention one lady especially, Sheila Warren, who for the first time scored 20 points. Congratulations Sheila…keep up the good work.

Next year our handicapping system will be changing slightly to bring it more in line with the GA handicapping system which should make it fairer for everyone.  Make the most of your golf everyone as the year is quickly drawing to close.


Event: Stableford

Winner: Sandy Viney 21.

Runner-Up: Wendy Morse 20 c/b.

Run Down: Sheila Warren 20 c/b, Barbara Johnstone 20 c/b, Kaye Gilmour 20 c/b, Juanita Langford 19, Aileen Morton 18, Helen Doughty 17.

Approaches: Anne Winning, Sandy Viney.

Gobblers: Aileen Morton, Sue Astenberg.