WOMEN (Tuesday CLub) – Results for 17th November 2015

What a stunning morning it was today with 26 women turning up to play on our fantastic course.  The greens have come back so quickly and Women - Tuesday Committeesomeone remarked it is the best they have been in 11 years.

It was quite an important day as our game was followed by the AGM and it was very pleasing to see that so many people stayed.  Our new committee (left) is : Juanita Langford (Coordinator), Eve Hunt, Susie Thompson, Leith Barr and Aileen Morton.

Everyone is fired up and really keen to get on with the job.

Event: Stableford.

Winner: Margie Lucas (18) c/b.

Runner-Up: Barb Johnstone (18) c/b.

Run Down: Sue Piggott (17) c/b, Aileen Morton (17) c/b, Heather Conlon (16), Rosie Smith (15) c/b, Lee Williams (15) c/b.

Approach: Carole Werry.

Juanita Langford
Tuesday Coordinator.