WOMEN (Tuesday Club): Results for 12th April 2017

EVENT DATE:11/04/2017
COURSE:Front 9
WINNER:Eve Hunt 32
RUNNER UP:Colleen Sykes 36 c/b
RUNDOWN:Maz Hawkins 36, Tina Thomas 37, Wendy Morse 38 c/b
APPROACHESEve Hunt, Maz Hawkins
GAME DAY WRAP:Congratulations to the winners.

It is good to see the commitment that these players give to the Tuesday Club and it would not be the same without them.

The course is in really good shape after the rain and the dams are full again.

The club is running raffles at the moment that I hope everyone will support. The cost is $10 a number and 5 people will receive $100 if their name comes up. The remaining $500 will be spent on concrete out on the course. There will be a few run during the year which I think is fantastic so get your numbers now.

Juanita Langford
Tuesday Co-Ordinator