WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 9th November 2017

EVENT:  Monthly Medal – Stroke and Putts.

TROPHY:  Barbara Taylor.

MONTHLY MEDAL WINNERS:  Lyn Blackmore (72), Assunta Easton (69), Lee Williams (68).

NETT EVENT WINNER:  Lee Williams (68).

RUNNER-UP:  Assunta Easton (69).

RUNDOWN:  Lyn Blackmore (72), Tina Thomas (73), Louise Taylor (73), Bronwyn Woolbank (74), Jocelyn Rabjohns (74), Joyce McKay (74), Sonja Cordwell (75), Terri Cairns (75), Carmel Clark (77), Sue Piggott (77), Margie Lucas (78), Eve Hunt, (78), Carolyn Foster (78).

APPROACHES:  Lyn Blackmore, Assunta Easton, Maz Hawkins.

PUTTS:  Debbie McAulay (26).

This was the last Monthly Medal for 2017. Congratulations to all those who won a medal during the year. You are now eligible to play in the Medal of Medals on Saturday, 18 November.