WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 2nd February 2017

Welcome back to Women’s Golf.

A larger than usual field participated in the first day back for the Women’s Thursday Competition.

EVENT:  Aggregate Stableford (Drawn Partners)


WINNERS:  Carmel Clark & Sue Piggott (75).

RUNNERS-UP:  Assunta Easton & Shay Zulpo (72).

RUNDOWN:  Fay Wiggins & Patsy Fayne (71), Leith Barr & Barbara Kerr (71), Anne Kenzler & Eve Hunt (71), Jocelyn Rabjohns & Tina Thomas (70), Joyce McKay & Sue Sendall (70), Lynne Dawson & Doone Flanagan (69).

APPROACHES:  Shay Zulpo, Eve Hunt.

LONGEST PUTT:  Sue Sendall.