WOMEN Thursday: Results for 28/10/2021

GAME DAYThursday
EVENT DATE:28/10/2021
GAME TYPE:Stableford
WINNERKate Sawrey – 37 ($30 b/c)
RUNNER UPCarolyn Foster – 34c/b ($20 b/c)
PLAYERS in Rundown:

Janelle Thorburn 34c/b, Sue Piggott 33, Eve Hunt 32, Fay Wiggins 32, Kim Gladman 31, Jenny Tucker 31, Deb Macaulay 30, Tina Thomas 30, Lynne Dawson 30, Juanita Langford 30, Elaine Henman 30. All receive each $5 b/c.

APPROACHESDivision 1 Hole 12 Deb Macaulay ($10 b/c), Division 2 Hole 15 Lynne Dawson $10 b/c), Division 3 Hole 10 Jenny Tucker ($10 b/c). SUPER PIN Hole 4 Juliette Hall $31 b/c.

A beautiful morning on the golf course which is looking very lush after the rain we have had.  31 players went out and enjoyed themselves which included two visitors from Noosa.  Today was our first Thursday Super Pin and Raffle.  Congratulations to Fay Wiggins who won the Raffle and chose to take a box of golf balls.  Congratulations to all the winners and a reminder that the club will be closed on the 1st and 2nd November for course maintenance.