WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 23rd November 2017

EVENT:  Stableford

TROPHY:  Doreen Weaver.

WINNER:  Eve Hunt (37).

RUNNER-UP:  Sue Piggott (32 c/b).                                                                                                  

RUNDOWN:  Patsy Fayne (32), Judy Kitcher (31), Terri Cairns (30), Assunta Easton (28), Louise Taylor (28), Deb Nelson (28), Lynne Dawson (28),Wendy O’Hare (28), Lavinia Hill (27), Tina Thomas (27), Doreen Weaver (26), Sue Sendall (26),.

APPROACHES:  Sue Piggott, Aileen Morton.

LONGEST PUTT:  Lavinia Hill.

Congratulations to all who played today. The course was very wet with evidence of where the creeks had risen over bridges and causeways yesterday. Eve deserved her win, playing like a champion.